Energy Management Solutions

Market Refrigeration Specialists Inc. ENERGY MANAGEMENT division has the experience and expertise to handle any of your energy management needs.

Our project management team has over 25 years of combined experience. We specialize in fast-track as well as complicated, schedule driven projects. All of our lead Energy Management techs are certified in the major building automation suppliers including Novar, Dan Foss, RDM, and CPC. All certified technicians have many years of expertise in all areas of commercial refrigeration and HVAC controls. Our fleet of well stocked and tooled vehicles, allows us to provide our customers with the best quality service throughout California. For the past 25 years we have built our reputation on outstanding customer service and quality work that our customers deserve.

With energy monitoring this allows building managers to use metering technologies and building automation systems to collect data into a centralized location to establish benchmarks, identify inefficiencies and usage trends, and to develop energy procurement strategies. Improving energy efficiency is the first and most important step toward achieving sustainability in buildings and organizations. Energy efficiency helps control rising energy costs, reduces environmental footprints, and increases the value and competitiveness of buildings. When we install a system the main goal is to be getting the most out of every single unit of energy, water, materials and resources used in their buildings. The end result is a system that integrates all your building equipment, organizes the information in the most logical way imaginable and deliver it where and when you need it. They way system are designed today it allows you to cost-effectively expand into all kinds of spaces you couldn’t before. We have building control systems to manage the energy, comfort and protection needs of your building no matter how simple or complex.

With Market Refrigeration Specialists Inc. we use resources in a way that meets the needs of today without compromising the ability of others to meet their own needs tomorrow.

Let Market Refrigeration and Mechanical create you an efficient, sustainable building today.

Proficient and knowledgeable with

State-Of-The-Art Technology.

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