Preventative Maintenance Programs

From the time the mechanical parts in your system start moving, they start wearing. As they wear the optimum efficiency goes down and the energy costs go up. This is why a preventative maintenance program is crucial in keeping your Refrigeration and HVAC equipment maintained to its full potential.

Our Quarterly or Bi-Annual HVAC programs consist of:

  • Air Filter changes
  • Evaporator cleanings
  • Condenser cleanings
  • Belt changes
  • Pulley and motor alignment
  • Indoor blower wheel inspection and cleaning
  • Condensate drain pan cleaning
  • Inspection of all electrical
  • Tightening of all electrical connections
  • Inspection and greasing of all bearings
  • Refrigerant leak check
  • Check operations of both heating and cooling

Our bi-annual or yearly Refrigeration Programs consist of:

  • Walk-in box evaporator cleanings
  • Refrigerant leak check
  • Belt changing of all exhaust fans and condensers
  • Bearing greasing of all exhaust fans and condensers
  • Check and align all pulleys and motors
  • Check all evaporator motor and condenser motor operations
  • Check all refrigerated cases for airflow
  • Check all temperatures
  • Check and calibrate all temperature sensors and transducers
  • Change compressor oil filters
  • Change liquid driers
  • Check cleanliness of the compressor oil
  • Check oil separator operations
  • Check all electrical contactors for wear
  • Check all electrical wiring and tighten connections
  • Check all defrost and temperature set points
  • Change leak detection filters
  • Check superheat at each compressor

It is our goal at market Refrigeration specialists to design a preventative maintenance program that works for you and your equipment. Together we can customize a program for you to extend the life of your equipment and extend the life of your energy savings

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