Refrigerant Leak Reduction Program

In recent years there has been stringent laws and regulations passed to reduce the Carbon foot prints in the refrigeration and HVAC industry. New law’s state: that large refrigeration and HVAC system owners must monitor their systems for leaks. These leaks must be repaired and leak documentation must be filed with government agencies.

Market Refrigeration Specialists provides a quarterly CARB (California Air Resources Board) refrigerant leak inspections. We will visit your job site quarterly to perform a complete refrigerant leak check of all systems. Once the refrigerant leaks are located and repaired Market Refrigeration Specialists Inc. provides our customers with all EPA required documentations.

ELD- Early Leak Detection Program

Market refrigeration specialists have pioneered a program that is proven to reduce your carbon foot print. It consists of refrigerant leak checking on each service call, identifying and repairing refrigerant leaks prior to large losses occurring.

It is our goal not only to keep you in compliance with the new laws and regulations, but keep your refrigerant costs down!

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State-Of-The-Art Technology.

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