Refrigeration Service

For over 25 years Market Refrigeration Specialists has provided retail, commercial and industrial customers with quality service.  Our dedicated, highly skilled, EPA certified technicians have proven to our customers that we are a company that they can depend on.  With our two hour response time to the customer’s we are able to protect the product integrity and down time of your equipment. Our teams are extensive and our promise is to provide you with the best service in the industry.

Cost reduction

Our technicians are trained to be sensitive to refrigerant leaks and know the importance of locating and repairing the leaks. It is through our Leak check programs that we achieve a substantial amount of savings. Our programs also keep our customers in compliance with new government EPA/Carb regulations.

Our Preventative maintenance program keeps your equipment running at peak optimum performance and sustains longevity.

Our technicians have been thoroughly trained on how to identify refrigeration and energy management problems that may be causing excessive energy consumption.  Over the 25+ years of being in business we are experts on operations of variable speed drives, variable speed compressors, digital discuss compressors, digital scroll compressors, single systems and all variations of parallel systems.

We also service all Danfoss, Comtrol, CPC, Novar and RDM energy management devices, night curtains, door alarms, cooler boxes, supermarkets, cold storage warehouses, convenience stores, restaurants and building controls.

The Costs of future repair and down time are proven, as well as wasted energy costs. Over the long run, Market Refrigeration Specialists Inc. simply costs less and provides more

Market Refrigeration Specialist’s Inc. goal is to give you more value through fewer energy costs, equipment failures and sales down time every time we provide our services.

Proficient and knowledgeable with

State-Of-The-Art Technology.

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